Monday, July 28, 2008

and so it begins

mom had intended to post pictures of us and her new car. did she? no. she's been busy helping uncle jerry get ready to move into the condo right next door to hers.

mom says she skipped her work out this morning because she knew she'd get her aerobic exercise cleaning. both she and uncle jerry did.

anyway, it may be a few days before the pictures...but there will be some, we promise!

ben & lucy

Friday, July 25, 2008

lots of changes!

we told you about mom's new job. she ends her current job in two weeks, has a week off, and then starts the new one on august 18. last night she sold her leaky old car and bought a new-to-her car. it's a 2007 hyundai elantra. she says that brand new ones are almost impossible to find unless she wanted to drive a stick shift. mom says she's too old to drive a manual transmission. what she really means is she has arthuritis in her knees and does enjoy the process. she's not really that old...although she says she's old enough to be mother to most of the sales guys at the dealership.

anyway, she'll post pictures tomorrow.

things are looking up in the fuzz and fur household!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

almost a month

what are we going to be with our mom? she doesn't seem to post much! it's not that she's not on the computer, but that she doesn't let us on.

daisy's mom featured us on her blog today. check it out...she's got great pictures and everything.

between us, the reason mom's not been letting us keep up our blog is that she's been looking for a new job. she has a job. she doesn't hate it, but she wants something else. she's been looking for a long time.

she put in an application in march for a great position. the phone screen interview was in mid to late may. a week later there was an actual phone interview. three weeks later, a 4.5 hour in-person site visit. a week later, another site visit. a week later, a job offer. four days later, a meeting to negotiate salary, three days of waiting, and then notification that mom's requested salary had been met. two days later, an offer signed. two days later, a credentialing packet arrived via fedex. that was this past friday. mom's been working on it all weekend. there was some advice at the beginning of the packet: once the paperwork is completed, keep an undated and unsigned copy so you won't have to complete it again. mom says that that is some of the best advice she's ever heard. mol.

she starts her new job august 18. i don't think we have enough paws between us to count how long it took to get from application to start date.

even with all the time it's taken and the paperwork she's filling out, mom is thrilled with her new job. she says it's the position she's been looking for for the past 10 years.