Saturday, February 24, 2007

cleaning day

today, mama and her friend go over to the old place to clean it up. dusting, vacuuming, cleaning the stove and oven, rehanging closet doors (don't like those sliders), scrubbing the bathtub, spackling a few holes in the wall. mama and dad will also go to the bank to close their joint account. i guess that's kind of 'cleaning house' too.

here, there are still lots of boxes. there are a few more that get unpacked every day, but it's kind of slow. mama says she doesn't have the energy she used to have for this kind of stuff. she says that it doesn't help that there's so much emotion attached to this move.

for my part, i've been enjoying the peaceful quiet here. mama doesn't watch a lot of tv. ben's become the lap hog and i don't get to sit with her as much as i'd like to, although i do get to sit on her when she reads.

have a good weekend, efurryone. maybe this next week, we'll be ready for pictures!


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

moving more furniture

uncle jerry's coming over tonight to help mama get some stuff done. there are so many boxes--and even with those 'super sliders', it's hard to move them all. by the time he leaves, all the extra boxes will be out of the living room, and it will look like a living room should.

got to say, though, that it's been great fun to have all the boxes in the living room. i've been sitting on each one, trying out the view. there are fun things to look at. ben's been sitting there with me.

you know, i think we might be making some headway...he lets me sleep on the same chair with him. maybe we'll be friends one day. i can hope, right?

talk to you later...


Tuesday, February 20, 2007


we're here! the new place is great. there are lots and lots and lots of boxes. mama's started unpacking, and it's going kind of slowly. she just got the cable installed (tv, phone and internet). yep, life is good!

mama's been saying that it's been too quiet now there's music on tv. and the sound of the clicking keyboard as she posts for me.

so do you want details?

mama's brother and some friends did most of the loading and moving. (mama's a lucky mama...she's got good people who love her.) she left me and ben 2 at the old place to spend the night with dad one last night.

after she and uncle jerry packed up everything, they put me and ben 2 into a single prison box. both of us in one box was the preferred mode of transport for me and ben 1...but with ben 2, it was a bit different. anyway, i spent most of the trip grooming him. he didn't mind too much.

when uncle jerry opened the prison box door, i came out and looked around. tail up, i went to see mama first. i explored some...lots of familiar smells and some new ones. then i came back to see mama again. i did that all evening. and then finally came back to cuddle with her while she napped on the couch.

ben explored a bit and then went to find a spot in the closet. he stayed there for most of the day.

we've all been pretty tired, so there's been lots of naps in between unpacking boxes. that'll probably continue for awhile.

have you seen those 'super sliders' for moving furniture? mama says that if you haven't seen those, i should tell you how great they are. with one under each corner of a big piece of furniture, one not-very-strong person can move very heavy things anywhere she wants. (still, there's been lots of heavy breathing and the occasional

even though the kitchen isn't completely unpacked, mama's going to go do some grocery shopping so she can make dinner instead of going out to eat. she'll be back later, and if i think of anything super exciting, i'll let you know!


Friday, February 16, 2007

we're starting

i'm sitting on the bed, waiting for mama to start to move too fast. then it's under the bed for me. you'll see me MUCH later!

tomorrow--the day with the big truck--should be pretty interesting. the moving team includes a nearly 59 year old man and three women in their 40s. mama says there's a 'game plan' and it should be workable: there are only a few things that are really heavy. otherwise, it's about being patient, lifting with the legs instead of the back, tying things down so they don't move too much.

it's looking like a nice day today. ben's been sitting in the window reporting on squirrel activity. he says there's plenty. the birdies are having a good day, too. mama says he doesn't know what he'll have at the new place: huge windows (well-insulated ones!) to watch, the squirrels, birdies, and the golfers! (we're on the 11th green of a local golf course!)

mama listening to danish music this morning. it's stuff she listened to when she lived in norway back in the mid-80s. for some reason, it's the stuff that gets her going these days.

i've gotten my breakfast. if i had opposable thumbs, i'd fix breakfast for mama, too. she can figure it out though...if she's hungry enough. i am certainly not going to share my temptations with her.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

ready to move

i've been spending lots of time under the bed. i don't like all this 'tape up a box, fill the box, tape the box closed' stuff. too much noise, too much activity. i'm sure someone's going to put me in a box and tape it closed. so i stay out of the way.

mama and uncle jerry will finish the packing tonight, and then the moving starts on friday. we'll be all in by saturday night. hopefully mama will be able to put some order to the chaos on sunday and monday, and then back to work on tuesday.

because the cable won't get hooked up until tuesday, we won't be posting anything until then.

have a happy valentines day! we'll see you on the other side.



Saturday, February 3, 2007

too dark for pictures

no pictures yet. it was almost dark when mama got home, so she couldn't take pictures of her new car. the condo pictures are really boring.

the 'new' car is a 1998 buick regal gs. sounds kind of old, but this is one sweet vehicle. ALL the bells and whistles, including a sunroof! mama bought it from a military guy who is being deployed soon.

the drivers side parking light/turn signal was out (mama knew that). she stopped off at a jiffy lube on her way home. one of the techs replaced the light, and didn't charge her anything: no labor or cost of the bulb! wow! let's all go to jiffy lube!

tomorrow, the packing starts!


Friday, February 2, 2007

pics tonight

mama's got the camera ready to go today. she gets to go see our new place tonight, and is going to pictures! i'll ask her to share.

she'll also take pics of the car that she buys this weekend. wonder what she'll get? turns out that most mini-vans don't have much leg room and she's got REALLY long legs (car spec checks at a car review site show them to have the least leg room of any vehicle). a pick-up truck? or a giant comfy sedan. we'll let you know.

this is one of those times when mama really really misses uncle rich. he went with her on every car buying trip for the past 10 years. he was easy to have along...and helped mama be sure that she was getting something decent for her money. sometimes it's hard to believe that he's been gone for three months. even though he used to tease that i was a phantom cat, i know he was a good guy. (if mama can figure out how to copy a picture from cousin sunny's myspace page, she'll post a few pics of uncle rich.)

time for mama to get ready for work. we all know what i'd rather have i'll seek my own warm and cozy! lol


Thursday, February 1, 2007

zip is gone

mama's car zippity do dah is gone. lots of response to the ad, and now the cash is in hand and the title has been transferred. the end of an era.

today, we've had a nap in front of the fire place. ben has hogged mama most of the time. i'm going to put some kitty mojo on mama to rebuild the fire, make some dinner (and give me some stinky goodness), and then cuddle back in there. sounds pretty good, doesn't it? mmmhmm. warm and cozy.

we'll catch you on the cold side of the fire place.