Friday, February 16, 2007

we're starting

i'm sitting on the bed, waiting for mama to start to move too fast. then it's under the bed for me. you'll see me MUCH later!

tomorrow--the day with the big truck--should be pretty interesting. the moving team includes a nearly 59 year old man and three women in their 40s. mama says there's a 'game plan' and it should be workable: there are only a few things that are really heavy. otherwise, it's about being patient, lifting with the legs instead of the back, tying things down so they don't move too much.

it's looking like a nice day today. ben's been sitting in the window reporting on squirrel activity. he says there's plenty. the birdies are having a good day, too. mama says he doesn't know what he'll have at the new place: huge windows (well-insulated ones!) to watch, the squirrels, birdies, and the golfers! (we're on the 11th green of a local golf course!)

mama listening to danish music this morning. it's stuff she listened to when she lived in norway back in the mid-80s. for some reason, it's the stuff that gets her going these days.

i've gotten my breakfast. if i had opposable thumbs, i'd fix breakfast for mama, too. she can figure it out though...if she's hungry enough. i am certainly not going to share my temptations with her.



Daisy said...

Oh Suzanne, I hope yer move goes smoothly. Sounds like yer Mommie has a good game plan. See you at yer new home!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

this sounds very exciting - hope everything goes smoothly for you

Lux said...

Good luck with your move - I hope all goes well (and quickly)!

Forty Paws said...

Gud luck wid da moove. Stay owt of da way and owt of boxes dat mite git taped shut. We want to heer frum u dat u safely survived da mooove.

Luf, Us

DaisyMae Maus said...

Furry good ... It's hard to believe that Jerry is nearly 59 (Mom's been dragon-hunting for presents for his birthday!). Good luck!