Saturday, March 31, 2007

wild horses

whoa...mama and uncle jerry moved through here like wild horses today. they had project after project after project. and they got them all done. the last one was the one i liked the least: put together and use the vacuum mama got before we moved.

as soon as she put the vacuum away, i came out from under the bed. i needed a drink of water. mama's been good about putting out fresh bottled water for me every day. there's a bowl where ben2 and i have our dinner, a bowl in the bathroom, and one next to mama's (our) bed.

the bowl next to mama's (our) bed has interesting things happen to it. tonight, she was lobbing socks at the laundry hamper, and then later noticed that there was little water in the bowl and lots of water in her sock! last tuesday, she discovered that the phone was too far away to reach from bed. she fell out of bed, did a double roll and landed with her back in the water bowl (the image is funny, but she has some big bruises, and there's pain in her upper arm/shoulder). the phone is now much closer so it can be picked up while she's in bed. [the phone call was a collection company calling for someone who used to have this number! grrr.]

we're going to cuddle on the couch and watch some tube. hope you're having a good saturday evening.


Thursday, March 29, 2007

thursday morning

well good morning! it's starting to look like spring here. still raining a lot, but there's a bit of blue in the sky and the temps are rising. yay!

ben2 has been bold and sneaked out onto the deck when mom opens the sliders. mama doesn't really want him out there. she worries that he'll poke his head too far through the railing and fall out. he still likes to sneak out.

our sliders are kind of interesting. they're noise cancelling as we're DIRECTLY under the flight path for SeaTac airport. (jets approximately every 5 minutes, sometimes more often,) so there's an outer window, a screen, and an inner window. all together, they do an awesome job of blocking engine and brake noise. there's low rumble, but it's not disturbing.

at night, mama watches each plane's landing lights through the living room window and wonders if they can see in. they're not all that high in the air.

time for mama to get going. getting the leak in the car fixed today...and hoping that it won't cost too much. gotta keep us in our temptations!

(unfortunately, dad now has the camera and mama didn't get pictures. if mama finds a part-time job, she'll look into getting another camera.)


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

tuesday evening

guess what mama just discovered?

because there's only one cable jack in the new place, the computer is sort of in the living room. (not the best, but ok for now.) where she sits at her desk is within warming distance of our new fireplace. how did she not know that? cozy. warm and cozy.

ben2 is losing weight since he no longer has kibble to munch during the day. when he started, he weighed 25 pounds. i bet he's below 20 now. since mama refuses to have a scale in the house, though, we may never know! she weighs me on her digital kitchen scale that goes to 11 pounds. last i saw, i'm at 4 lb 15 oz. i was never much of a kibble muncher, so it doesn't bother me to not a bowl of crunchies.

mama discovered that while the camera does belong to dad, she still has it here. i think she plans to take some pictures after she and uncle jerry put up pictures tomorrow night. it's bound to be noisy, so i'll be under the bed.

time to purr mama to bed.



Saturday, March 17, 2007

happy st. patrick's day!

so are you wearing green today? as you can see from my photo, my eyes are green, so i don't have to. mama, on the other hand, is wearing the lovely green earrings that jessica made (daisymae's mom, and my cousin). if we had a camera, we'd show you some pictures of how pretty they are. (dad got the camera.)

it's been raining. and then raining. raining some more. we've had a year's worth of rain in five months. feeling a little water logged. one day--maybe--it will let up.

activity-wise, there's been lots of naps. ben2 and i cuddle up on the feather comforter and doze the day away. mama got us this little extra-soft extra-fluffy kitty-sized blanket, and we like that, too.

i just saw mama writing out a shopping list. as long as she's including stinky goodness and dairy temptations, it's ok if she's gone for awhile. let me review her list.



Monday, March 12, 2007

just another manic monday

oh wait a minute...i'm a cat! i don't have manic mondays! (tee hee) my mondays are slow and comfy.

mama starts another new employee today. she's hoping that this will be the last one until the new 10 month contract position people are hired. while it's a ton of fun to bring someone new on to the team, it's also lots of work.

the new memory foam mattress pad is pretty nice. at less than 5 pounds, i don't make much of a dent, but ben2 sure likes it. mama does too.

today is going to be the day when i doze in front of the big window in the living room so i can watch the birdies and squirrels on the golf course. i need to convince mama that we need to put up a hummingbird feeder, too. they'll be good company.

it's so toasty warm in this new place! mama turned off the heat over a week ago and hasn't need it since. the floors aren't cold, and the air is just warm enough. how lovely!

have a good day!


Saturday, March 10, 2007

cuddle close with your family tonight

mama's friend who had acute myleogenous leukemia crossed the rainbow bridge today.

i'm going to stay close with mama...a purr and head butt goes a long way toward comfort. if your mamas and daddies need you, please cuddle close, too. remind them that they can count on you.


nap time

well, i'm writing from my bed as i am snuggled--yes snuggled!--with ben2. mama will join us soon, i'm sure. i have this little siren song purr that wafts toward her when it's time for us to nap together. i've been working on it for years and it's just about perfect.

did mama tell you about her very cool and wonderful boss? mama is currently doing the work of two supervisors while the agency is recruiting for the second supervisor. while mama says she's definitely too busy, she doesn't really mind what she's up to. so she asked her boss how the jobs will be divided. her boss said 'you get to choose'. can you believe it?! so mama's been thinking about all the things she does, the things she wants to do, and what everyone wants her to keep doing. (there'll be more on that later. i may let mama tell you's kind of complicated.)

of course, there's no telling when there will be an applicant pool for the other supervisor position. mama will probably have both jobs for the next 2 months at least.

enough about that...i want mama on the bed with us. there is a nap to be taken and she needs to come do it!


Thursday, March 8, 2007

back where i belong

i'm under the bed tonight. mama's moving book shelves and making lots of noise. because she's got the crud that's going around, she moves one thing and then sits down for a bit. still, stuff is happening. it needs to happen. we're all getting tired of the boxes. this weekend is 3 weeks here.

mama told uncle jerry that she thinks she caught the crud because her body is finally letting go after the tension of the past several weeks. there's a demand for some rest and not much critical thought. it's good.

by the way, all of mama's lab work came back in good shape. that's some mighty fine news.


Wednesday, March 7, 2007

mama's V-E-T visit

well mama got some unkind news today. she's shrunk by nearly 2 inches! she's been proud of being half inch shy of 6'. now she's less than 5'10". the nurse said 'oh, this is very accurate'. darn it!

otherwise, mama's lab work is coming in (love those reports available on their website!), and it looks pretty good. that's a nice relief.

last night, mama went with her friend from out of town to meet a composer/arranger she's always admired. it was a great evening to talk and listen and laugh. mama's going again tomorrow night.

tonight, though, she's staying home with me. we're just going to be quiet. maybe she'll turn on that electric fireplace and cuddle up with me and a book.


Tuesday, March 6, 2007

shouldn't it be bed time?

for some reason, mama's not quite ready for bed. it's not like she's doing anything...just hogging the computer so i can't write in my blog. mama goes to the human V-E-T on wednesday and is hoping to get answers to all sorts of questions, including about insomnia. i don't think she realizes that if i'm going to bed, i want her to be there, too!

wishing you all the best...


Saturday, March 3, 2007

you know how when you move...

you lose stuff? important stuff. the bag of snickers bars. the extra bag of dairy flavored temptations. the cord to the charge the mp3 player. tonight, mama found all of those things. for the past 14 days, she's been looking high and low for the mp3 cord...was thinking maybe she'd have to buy a new one. then she looked on the dining room table (still covered with stuff) and found it! mama would do a happy dance, but it's midnight, and the lady downstairs--who misspells the landlord's name on her rent check (it's erin--feminine spelling for masculine person--not eric)--has a baby. so no happy dance tonight.

anyway, tomorrow is the big day to unpack. books and all the extra boxes of STUFF that are floating around. uncle jerry called today and asked mama to save boxes for his boss's daughter. he wants them flattened, so i won't have any place to play. sheesh!

fangs and fur, and then to bed!


Thursday, March 1, 2007

sitting in my place

ben's sitting with mama tonight. i like to cuddle between her wrists. he sprawls on them.

while i was waiting to get to my dinner, i watched ben eating his (and trying to steal mine). did you know that his ears move when he eats? little swively things that move in rhythm with his bites! lol

mama's bedroom is mostly put together. it looks beautiful! she's using a discontinued ralph lauren pattern (blue porcelain rosette). she made a comforter cover out of two flat sheets, and used navy piping at the seams. fitted navy flannel sheet, navy covered 'body pillows' and a couple of king pillows. white flannel pillows, and then a set of pillows in cool coordinating fabric. she even ordered a big memory foam mattress pad.

mama told her interns today that supervision will be done here. there'll be a little hassock next to the bed for each intern. they can sit there while mama lolls in bed. of course you know where i'll be...under the bed!

i think it's time to convince mama to brush her fur and fangs so we can go to bed.