Tuesday, October 30, 2007

it's Tuesday!

it could be tummy tuesday, or toes tuesday, or any other version of a 't' tuesday'. mol

mostly, it's just tuesday. the leaves are almost done turning. there are lots that are bright red, golden yellow, and lots of colors in between. those colored leaves--together with the chilly days--bring a smile to mom's face. fall and spring are seasons of change, and mom likes those.

daisymae's mom sent us a package and lucy's been having loads of fun! a new fishing toy, and a new laser toy. how did daisymae's mom know that the batteries in the other one are almost dead? in any case, YAY to daisymae's mom! and a huge thank you, too.

because mom's been on the road so much lately, she's going to work this weekend. she's probably going to abandon us in favor of working at the office instead of working from home. drat! still, the big project (updating the 'how to do the paperwork' manuals) needs to be done, and then it will be off mom's plate until next time it needs to be updated. so i guess that's good. maybe she can finish it on saturday so she can be home on sunday. i can hope, right? mol

that's about it. we visit miss peach every day. i spend several hours a day purring for her. we'll comment on all the other blogs tonight. (we got half way through last week!) mom will take some pictures soon.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

more travel for mom

hi gang...
mom's going to visit auntie donna this weekend. she and uncle jerry are leaving friday after work, and will be home on sunday. mom says that while it would be good to see auntie donna, it's going to be a working weekend because mom and uncle jerry will be cleaning out a storage room.

i really think she should take us with her. i mean, who knows what we'd find in this storage room? mousies? bugs? i can just imagine the smells! silly mom, leaving us at home.

we'll come visiting blogs tomorrow (10/24)...

Friday, October 19, 2007

we got an award!

our wonderful sister kitty, marie shared this award with us. she gave it to me, lucy, and suzanne the angel kitty. mmmmm. (happy sigh)

hey, feel free to teleport over today. mom's going to be out of town all day, and we'd love the company. lucy's hoping someone knows how to use the laser toy thingy cuz she wants to race up and down the hall.

ooops, mom says you need opposable thumbs for the laser thingy. i bet we can figure something out...we're industrious and creative! and of course, we've got all sorts of other toys and treats!
(ours is red)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

enough sleep

for the first time in over a week, mom woke up easily without saying 'i want to go back to sleep'. i guess 9 hours under the comforter helped. i'm going to encourage mom to get that much sleep again for the next few nights...maybe it'll bring her energy back. i'm a good encourager. we love you!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


mom's crud lingers. she says 'oh! i feel better.' she goes to work for a few hours, and then comes home wiped out. it's funny (wryly) that she does that because she tells all the people who work for her to take care of themselves. diet sprite, gluten-free pretzels (gluten-free saltines are spendy, and haven't had time to mess with the recipe), and naps.

ANYWAY, on to the more important things: she took some pictures of us today. lucy--the little imp!--was playing with her reflection in the window. i, on the other hand, posed regally.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


hi there...
mom has caught some kind of the crud, and has spent the day in bed. she's going back in just a few minutes. please don't worry, though, it appears to be basic garden variety crud. as soon as she's moving again, we'll post and visit!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

the screen shot meme

this doesn't work on our computer. mom's tried several things to make it work, and it just doesn't.

i bet you won't be surprised to see our wallpaper. it's mom's favorite picture. on the new monitor (22" lcd), she's bigger than she was in real life!

a meme from Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily tagged me for a new meme! The rules are very simple:

Think of 5 positive things to say about your person or other companion. Not about us, but about the others around you.

Like lots of other cats, I was going to talk about my mom. But I decided to talk about DMM's mom. DMM's mom is really my cousin, but I call her 'auntie', instead. She doesn't mind, and I like it:

Here are some GREAT things about her:
1. She calls me 'dude'. I like that. I don't want mom to call me dude, but I love it when my auntie does.

2. She thinks my extra fluffy gentleman self is just right.

3. She gives excellent scritches.

4. She is the master of the brush. She brushes one side, and then I turn over for her to brush the other side.

5. She brought so very many fun toys when she came to visit! and she showed mom where to get more so that there will always be tons of fun toys for us to play with.

I really love my auntie! Go visit her here and share some love and good vibes!

Wanna play? Help yourself! This one is fun.

(now to see if we can get the screen shot thing...)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

there's life!

here we are again! we had family visits--dmm's mom, grandparents, and uncle (and soon to be aunt)--and some travel. lots of fun and busy-ness.

mom says we were spoiled. i think we still smell ok.

dmm's mom brought us:
a boogie mat
2 tents (anyone for tent wars?)
a couple of fishing toys
a star chaser (the ball LIGHTS UP)
a laser pen
pit'r pats (kitty crack)
and lots of other treats, snuggles, and play time

then mom got spoiled (she smells a little ripe...mol. hmmm? what, mom? that's kind of insulting? i thought it was funny...)
a new ceiling fan in her bedroom (dmm's mom is really talented!)
cooler bags for grocery shopping, lots of meals out, etc., etc.

i'm reminding mom (pestering?) that we need to get back to posting and visiting our friends. we miss you. and sleep deprivation is good for her...as long as we get to be here on the blogosphere. (what? you don't need another nap mom. she's poor and fragile...humans!)