Monday, July 28, 2008

and so it begins

mom had intended to post pictures of us and her new car. did she? no. she's been busy helping uncle jerry get ready to move into the condo right next door to hers.

mom says she skipped her work out this morning because she knew she'd get her aerobic exercise cleaning. both she and uncle jerry did.

anyway, it may be a few days before the pictures...but there will be some, we promise!

ben & lucy

Friday, July 25, 2008

lots of changes!

we told you about mom's new job. she ends her current job in two weeks, has a week off, and then starts the new one on august 18. last night she sold her leaky old car and bought a new-to-her car. it's a 2007 hyundai elantra. she says that brand new ones are almost impossible to find unless she wanted to drive a stick shift. mom says she's too old to drive a manual transmission. what she really means is she has arthuritis in her knees and does enjoy the process. she's not really that old...although she says she's old enough to be mother to most of the sales guys at the dealership.

anyway, she'll post pictures tomorrow.

things are looking up in the fuzz and fur household!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

almost a month

what are we going to be with our mom? she doesn't seem to post much! it's not that she's not on the computer, but that she doesn't let us on.

daisy's mom featured us on her blog today. check it out...she's got great pictures and everything.

between us, the reason mom's not been letting us keep up our blog is that she's been looking for a new job. she has a job. she doesn't hate it, but she wants something else. she's been looking for a long time.

she put in an application in march for a great position. the phone screen interview was in mid to late may. a week later there was an actual phone interview. three weeks later, a 4.5 hour in-person site visit. a week later, another site visit. a week later, a job offer. four days later, a meeting to negotiate salary, three days of waiting, and then notification that mom's requested salary had been met. two days later, an offer signed. two days later, a credentialing packet arrived via fedex. that was this past friday. mom's been working on it all weekend. there was some advice at the beginning of the packet: once the paperwork is completed, keep an undated and unsigned copy so you won't have to complete it again. mom says that that is some of the best advice she's ever heard. mol.

she starts her new job august 18. i don't think we have enough paws between us to count how long it took to get from application to start date.

even with all the time it's taken and the paperwork she's filling out, mom is thrilled with her new job. she says it's the position she's been looking for for the past 10 years.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


we had some sun yesterday in the late afternoon. mama was quiet when she went for the camera, and we let her take this picture.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

lucy's got some 'splaining to do

hi everybody! how you doin'? do you have summer yet where you live? we don't. not yet. mama says it's probably not going to be warm here this year. she says she doesn't mind...she's got webbed feet from living in the pacific northwet for so long.

when we do have a little bit of sun, mama's on the deck moving plants around so they get as much exposure as possible. she says the basil looks a little wet...and kind of yellow-green.

she started us a little pot of catnip. in about 3 weeks, it's not so little anymore. she brings me leaves when she goes out to water and turn the pots into the sun.

you know that there's a little competition between ben and me, right? we both want mama's attention as much as possible. with his 'lion cut', he's cold, and wants to snuggle a lot. (mom uses quotes for the lion cut because the groomer CUT OFF HIS MANE!)

i like to cuddle because that's what babies do. yes, i know i'm a year old. uncle jerry says that i'm a woman, but mama and i know that i'm still a baby. i want mama and me time every day. several times a day is even better! i like to be held on my back. i purr while mama holds me, gives me tummy strokes, chin and cheek scritches, and she talks to me and tells me how much she loves me. i smile at her and close my eyes in lots of kitty kisses. sometimes i even let her kiss my belly. sometimes. (mol)

mama says i'm a grown up baby...and here's a picture to prove it!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

a sad anniversary

oh how we miss our girl...

suzanne christine
5/15/91 - 6/11/07

Sunday, May 18, 2008

easy sunday

i think we've been forgiven for the pee on the carpet incident. mom scrubbed hard and then bought a new air freshener.

we're all dozing today...and figure you are too. hope you enjoy yourselves!

one day soon, mom will hook her camera up to her new computer, and then we'll post more pictures.

(ben lucy toni)

Friday, May 16, 2008

a little accident

mom's scolded us both tonight. she cleaned out our box and noticed something wet on the floor near the box. and then she noticed another wet spot on the other side of the box.

she's been grumbling about clean up and icky smells. she looks at both of us and says that she has pride that our house doesn't often smell like used kitty box...but not tonight.

tell me, do you think it's necessary for one of us to admit to having done it? or is enough that it never happens again?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

happy mother's day to every cat mom!

happy mother's day! we hope your children take extra good care of you today with lots of snuggles, cuddles, and purrs. you deserve it! (and maybe even breakfast in bed)


we've been quiet here mostly because mom's been busy. she's not been listening when we tell her we want to go on-line to visit our friends.

she's also not been listening when we ask her to take and post pictures of us from important lucy's first birthday! she's been one since may 2.

when she knocked her old basket on the floor, mom moved her new basket to the shelf.

she's officially now sleeping in her big girl basket all the time...and seems to like the extra room to spread out.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

lucy in her new basket

she sat in her new basket for about 2 minutes today!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

a new basket

remember the christmas basket that lucy has appropriated for her bed? she's chewed completely through the handle! (she's also grown a bit too big for it)

mom thought she'd be nice and get lucy a snuggly new bed. she got it ready and lucy ignores it completely!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

our easter message

Thursday, March 20, 2008

coming to the weekend

poppy q has honored us as her Friday Friends! it's a pretty big deal...go see!

even though it's officially spring, it's been frightfully cold. we like it when mom turns on the fireplace. it gets cozy and we get toasty!

we keep getting spammed in our 'you've been fuzzed and furred' section, so we're thinking about adding word verification. or maybe we'll just keep deleting the icky stuff. what do you think?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

what are you eating?

after the horrid food problems last year, what are you eating these days?

we're splitting a can of fancy feast for breakfast and for dinner. we get the good stuff...the souffles!

our crunchies bowl is filled with iams.

mom changes our filtered water every day (she says if she won't drink the tap water, then we don't have to either).

and of course temptations.

Monday, March 17, 2008

the luck o' the irish

tis st. patty's day. are ye wearing the green?

as we're not big into wearing anything, we've got pictures of us lounging on the green. no pinchies please!

Monday, March 10, 2008

what's a kitty to do?

she's cleaning. she's organizing.

why? why does she forsake our comfortable bed where she can have as many kitty snuggles as wants? where there are deep and soothing purrs that last for days? why?

wait...why is our favorite wand toy in the trash? why does it smell horrid in here? you vacuumed over it? smoke came out of the sucky monster? the toy is all mangled up? open a window, would you...that smell is gross. and get off the computer. no you, don't need to order new belts for the monster. i like when you can't use it!

whispering: i've got to run...she's eying my floofiness as a duster!

screeching: no mom! not the lemon pledge!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

bad mommy

mom hasn't been available to help us blog much lately. she's been going to the gym almost every day. she says that she can swim .62 miles (a kilometer?) without stopping.

i feel tired just thinking about it.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

resolution of the temptation battle

we've come to a resolution of the battle over temptations. i get mine on the bed with mom. lucy chases hers down as mom throws them for her.

i suppose lucy can stay.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

dreams meme

Donny tagged me for the Dreams Meme. Following the rules, here's what we do:
1. Post who tagged you and link back to them and then to PetPics.
2. Then answer this question: What three things would you do that you have never done before, if you knew you wouldn't get caught, get in trouble or suffer any consequences?
3. Then tag 3 other kitties, beans, woofies, or any other assorted animal.

I would:

1. Stay out extra late with my Valentine girl Jelly Bean.

2. Go nose to nose with a polar bear to figure out why mom likes them so much.

3. Practice pirate speak so I'll be ready for Talk Like a Pirate Day in September.

I'm going to tag Obi at Forty Paws, and Sara at The Daily Scratch.

temptation thursday

mom and i have been talking about how to be sure i get my share of the temptations.

for lucy, night time temptations are a sport. mom tosses one, lucy tries to catch it in her paws. lately, mom has been going for distance so lucy races out of the room. while lucy is gone, mom gives me a couple of temptations. sometimes, she'll give me a little handful at a time.

the thing is, if lucy sees mom doing this, she'll race away from her game to see if she can get my little stash. mom's getting a bit wiley though--like the coyote, which makes lucy the road runner--so we're getting better at making sure my temptations are mine.

who knew that having a baby sister would be such a trial! whew!

Monday, February 18, 2008

grumbly fuzz

i would miss the little rascal. she is awfully cute, funny, and sometimes can entice me to play with her.

still, she does eat my temptations. almost every time. i think i'm prepared to enter into negotiations around the issue though. i think mom would miss her too much.

grumble grumble grumble

Sunday, February 17, 2008

lucy writes

ben's threatening me. he's been telling mom that she should send me to live somewhere maybe with our cousins, daisy mae maus and the feline americans.

i'm not a bad girl. not really. i don't take his toys. if i get to his temptations first, i eat them, but that's fair, right? i only put the bitey on him once in a while. when we're both hopped up on 'nip, i confess that i do bunny kick him. but my claws are short, and i don't really hurt him!

i purr real loud, like to launch myself into mom's arms for snuggles, play with all my toys. yes, sometimes i claw the couch. but i stop when mom says 'no'.

do you have any suggestions for how i can get ben to agree to let me stay?

lucy the very cute and sweet.

Friday, February 15, 2008


wow! my valentine and i had a great time yesterday! we had so many tasty things to eat and fun things to do.

today, i am tired. i will ask mom to sing her friday song quietly so as not to disturb me.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

to my lovely JB, these roses are for you!

enjoy the fragrance, my sweet!

later, join me for a candlelit meal here:

i chose our champagne and niptini glasses to accommodate your graceful sweep of whisker...

our meal begins with salmon...prepared just the way you like it. cheese and veg is for presentation, although i've heard the flavor of the brie will astonish you.

after our meal, we can stroll through the nearby field of catnip...who knows what frolic will ensue?!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

MOM got an award!

Karl gave mom an award! Karl's fiance Ruis made it. It's called the Golden Paw. Ruis used his own golden paw to make the award.

Mom says thanks.

(Mom: "Um, Ben, can I say my own thank you?" "Oh all right. Don't be a computer hog though. I want to go visit JB.")

Mom writes: Thank you so much Karl! This award means a lot to me. I will treasure it!

I'd like to give the award to Parker and her Mommy, and to Prinnie and her mommie.

There are lots of kitties and moms and dads who should get this award, so let's spread it around, ok?

PS: Karl, Ruis's superior talent is clearly evident in his fine creative work. You've got an excellent match!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

for my girl...

Thank you for being my valentine, JB!

MySpace Comments - Valentines Day
MySpace Layouts - Valentines Day
(JB, sorry the kitties don't look like us...but they are pretty cute!)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

ah the weekend

yes, friends, it's saturday. a day that is precious in our household. i spent a lot of today thinking about my beautiful valentine, jelly bean (aka 'jb'). have you been to her blog and seen our pictures? her mom glitterfied us!

i've promised her a special surprise for tomorrow. be sure to stop by to see what it is!

fuzzing mightily,


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

tummy tuesday!

lucy was uncooperative tonight. she normally rolls around on the floor and shows off her soft white tummy and her tiny incision. tonight? nope. not having it.

A touch of tummy floof.Yes, I'm beautiful. No, you may not see my tummy.
You may not see my tummy. You may see my bottom.

A tiny bit of tummy.
Shaved tummy and mom's nose.

Monday, February 4, 2008

fuzzy tummies

lucy's healing well. she cleaned the betadine off her tummy and her fur is pristine white again. she's not too keen about jumping, which seems smart. she asks for and gets lots and lots of cuddles.

my tummy fur mats easily. mom's been brushing me almost everyday, and it it still matted by bed time the next day. i think that's because i'm an extra-fuzzy gentleman. i've made it almost a year since my last lion cut. it doesn't look like i'm going to need one again. got to say that sheared look is a little humiliating.

(mom, get your camera connection fixed! we want to show pictures of fuzzy tummies!)

update: mom's camera connection is fixed--thanks cousin sam!--and now she can take and post pictures again!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

wow! another award!

karen jo gave us this great award! thank you karen jo...we think you are the epitome of excellent.

we're going to tag our sisters: miss peach, marie, marilyn, our special friends in bellingham sinda, neelix and mom tina, and lucy's flame cha-ching.

Friday, February 1, 2008

friday friday friday is our favorite day!

wanna know why? cuz tomorrow we get to sleep in!

lucy's eating today and getting around a bit more. she cleaned her tummy fur (what's left of it) snowy white.

there are more threats of snow for the weekend. we'll stand up to that weather bully...threaten us! sheeesh.

happy weekend everybody!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

snuggled with mama at work

lucy writes: mama picked me up from the v-e-t about 45 minutes ago. she brought me to her office, set up water, food, litter, toys, treats, and a warm place to rest. i'm snuggled in her arms with my purr at about 45%.

my ladygarden incision is really small...but the v-e-t shaved most of my tummy! why did he do that? do you think cha-ching will still want me to be his valentine with a bald tummy? i hope so!

mama has people coming in all afternoon for supervision. they all like kitties, so i'll get lots of attention and cuddles.

love, lucy

mama toni writes: thank you for all the good wishes for healing fast! lucy's doing great. she has the v-e-t smell, but that will dissipate soon enough.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


The first thing that makes today BIG and IMPORTANT is that Adan gave me the 'So Special' Award. I am honored to receive this award! See how pretty the flowers are...

I want to share it with Daisy Mae Maus, Muffin (and mommy Tracy), and Faz.

The second thing that makes today BIG and IMPORTANT is that Lucy is getting her ladygardenectomy today.

I can tell she's a little nervous--not for the surgery because that will be easy--but because she's hungry, and Mom won't give her anything to eat.

Lucy's been asking me 'Does Mama still love me?' I tell her that of course mom loves her. I also hear Mom telling her 'Lucy, it's because I love you so much that I want you to have your ladygardenectomy. You'll be healthier and happier and live a longer life.' It doesn't stop Lucy from searching the kitchen for snacks and water!

Mom here: Lucy's appointment is at 9:00 am. I'll take her in on my way to work, and then pick her up later today. You can be sure that she'll get the best of care and be in the pink again in no time!

She woke me at 3:30 am to tell me that she was hungry. I explained why she couldn't eat, and we both went back to sleep. At 6:00 am, she was still hungry, and started nibbling on me. Since then, she's spent time snuggled in my arms, and racing around the house scratching on her scratch posts, and trying to find something yummy.

I'll post again tonight when she's home.

Update from Lucy's Mom: lucy's spending the night at the v-e-t. I'll pick her up tomorrow and she will spend part of the day with me at work. Ben is wondering where she is...and sticking to me like velcro!

(a special thanks to dmm's mom!)

Sunday, January 27, 2008


mom has three sisters and one brother. two of the three sisters and the brother live in washington state. one of the sisters lives in southern california.

there's big weather in all of those places right now. it's snowing hard in kennewick (aunt donna says 'snow day tomorrow?'). there are threats of snow here in western washington (mom says 'what? no snow day tomorrow?). there are storms brewing in so cal.

it's fun to watch the weather from where we live. we've got big windows that look onto a golf course...and the course shows all the weather.

here's the weather map from right around noon today:

Thursday, January 24, 2008

so much yawning

mom's been yawning all afternoon and evening. i've made a little nest for her to snuggle with me...lots of cushions, a soft blankie, the tv remote, the telephone. all she needs to do is stretch out and cover up. then i'll come sit with her, and we'll rest.

she stays for awhile, and then wants to shift me around so that i'm not pressing on her sore spots. i don't want to be shifted. if i wanted to move, i'd move. sheesh, mom! do you think this cozy, snuggly cuddly nappy place is just for you? we're supposed to SHARE it!

(mom says she'd take and post pictures our little nest, but there's a connection problem with the camera. as soon as she gets it fixed, she'll get some posted!)

Monday, January 21, 2008

love and purrs to princess and her mommie

we're sad to hear of caesar's passing. if you haven't been there to offer support to princess and her mommie, please go now.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

doing just fine

hi everybody,
we wanted to let you know that we're doing just fine. mom's doing great. her energy is coming back. there has been so much snuggle time!

give us a few more weeks while we figure out our new life with her increased energy...and we'll try to get back to posting and visiting!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

happy new year!

happy new year everyone! we hope you have gotten off to a good start, and that this year will be one of your best ever!

mom's going to take a break from blogging for awhile. she's working on dealing with some health issues--in a very good way--and it's taking time and energy. it's truly a good thing, and she's not sick, so not to worry.

we definitely won't forget our friends here...and we plan to stop by sometimes to say 'hi'. we'll post as we can convince mom to let us use the computer.

with love and wishes for the happiest of new years,
benjamin fuzz and lucy fur (aka lucinda suzanne)
mom toni