Saturday, October 6, 2007

a meme from Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily tagged me for a new meme! The rules are very simple:

Think of 5 positive things to say about your person or other companion. Not about us, but about the others around you.

Like lots of other cats, I was going to talk about my mom. But I decided to talk about DMM's mom. DMM's mom is really my cousin, but I call her 'auntie', instead. She doesn't mind, and I like it:

Here are some GREAT things about her:
1. She calls me 'dude'. I like that. I don't want mom to call me dude, but I love it when my auntie does.

2. She thinks my extra fluffy gentleman self is just right.

3. She gives excellent scritches.

4. She is the master of the brush. She brushes one side, and then I turn over for her to brush the other side.

5. She brought so very many fun toys when she came to visit! and she showed mom where to get more so that there will always be tons of fun toys for us to play with.

I really love my auntie! Go visit her here and share some love and good vibes!

Wanna play? Help yourself! This one is fun.

(now to see if we can get the screen shot thing...)


DaisyMae Maus said...

Awww ... That was awfully nice of you, Ben. You are an extra floofy gentleman cat: The best kind! Oh, an' Mom said to tell you, "Thanks, dood!"

Tiger Lily said...

You have a very nice auntie, Ben!