Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another late night

Here we go! Two posts in the same year...month!

Mom's got insomnia again. There was a time about 2 hours ago when she could have slept, but she missed it. Dang it! Now she's awake for awhile longer.

The kitchen table is almost done. A little more sanding and one last coast, then the clear coat--one or two applications--and it will be done. We'll post pictures.

We have new neighbors. They've been moving in quietly in the evenings. We don't know if they have a woofie, and hope that they don't. We'd like the quiet to continue.

Mom found a Weber charcoal grill on Craigslist earlier this summer. She's gotten pretty good at grilling food--mostly burgers and 'dogs. "dogs?! Mom, you wouldn't..." "You're right, Ben, I wouldn't grill woofies, even if they're noisy and unfriendly."

The one thing Mom hasn't tried to grill yet is chicken. I heard her mutter that she's a little afraid of trying because she's never done it before. Maybe she'll get brave this weekend.

And now for the household tip of the blog entry: if you have an area that is troubled with mold, place a few charcoal briquets in a coffee can that has some holes punched in it. The charcoal will absorb the moisture AND it will neutralize any odors! Pretty neat, huh?

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