Friday, August 10, 2007

friday's the least this week!

after a less than fun work week, mom's very glad that it's friday. i am too.

did you know that poppy q is holding a 100th post contest? you can enter your guess by leaving a comment or using the 'c box' on the side. she's at post #92. hurry!


Daisy said...

Happy Friday!!!

lordjaders said...

Hello Benji,

I have missed you, but my beans went to Morrro Bay to visit my grrrand bean dad--who is not doing well. He is battling a rrrapid grrrowing cancerrr. He is going thrrrough chemo. This has been a delicate time forrr my family. Although I would love to see the Polarrr Bearrrs, I don't know how much longerrr orrr often I will be able to post and wrrrite to you. I hope you underrrstand. My lady bean, Cat Chat Girl, prrrobably will put a post about this soon so that everrryone will know why I haven't been able to visit.
Purrrs to you,


P.S. On yourrr post about family--I rrreally AM the cousin of Kimo and Sabi.

DaisyMae Maus said...

Happy Friday! Maybe this will make you feel better: Mom just finished the Lucy-Furr squillion! Whoo hoo!

Henry Helton said...

Friday is really the greatest. My Lady is home all weekend long. I am very excited about this.

Karen Jo said...

Fridays are great, especially after a not-so-fun work week. Have a great weekend with Mom.

Eric and Flynn said...

Hope you had a grate Friday and haf an efun better weekend.