Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

these are thirteen random things...about me and lucy and mom. no particular order. no particular guarantee that they are anything less than inane:

1. mom used to think that i liked 'sliced' stinky goodness. she was wrong.

2. i like to look into mom's eyes. mom says that lots of kitties don't like to make eye contact. when i look, i can see that she loves me as much as i love her.

3. mom loves to have lots of ice in her diet coke. if she can't have lots of ice, she doesn't want any.

4. we live under one of the approach/departure runways for sea-tac airport. mom's learning to identify different jets by the way they sound.

5. king county--where we live--is the most populated area in washington state.

6. lucy would rather eat the grown-up iams kibble. i want her baby food.

7. lucy's learning to sleep on the bed next to mom. she's doing a great job...she can take up almost half of the bed!

8. mom avoids watching new tv shows because she doesn't want to get hooked on anything new.

9. while it takes almost a whole year for my fur to grow to full length after a lion cut, mom's hair grows almost a whole inch per month!

10. mom canceled her cell phone service a few months ago, and she doesn't miss it.

11. lucy has played so hard with the whirly bird, that most of the feathers have broken off. (lucy's only lived here for 2 weeks!)

12. mom doesn't like to eat fish. neither do i.

13. like a teenager, mom can listen to same song over and over and over (and over and over and over)


Caesar and Princess said...

We like the TT random things.
Let's see.... We like squish meatglop too. eyecontact... that is really nice. Your eyes are pretty. Do you hav a staring contest ever?
We live a few miles from Dulles airport. When Bliz and mommie walk they wave to the planes... most are Virgin Air.. they saw AF2 fly the Ford family out of DC when they left after the funeral.
We do not get to sleep in the bean bed because Prinnie and I are night owls and we are naughty and wake everyone up to play. You are very floofy Ben.

we hope you have a terrifical Thursday

headbutts, Caesar

Anonymous said...

Those were very interesting things about you, your mom and Lucy. Living under an airport can be noisy. We are under a flight path for planes and helicopters, so we hear them too!

Christine and FAZ said...

If you guys don't like to eat fish I am very happy to have your share. FAZ

Daisy said...

I like to look into my Mommie's eyes too. I had my tummy-furs shaved for my bladder surgery back in January and my furs are still not all grown back. Why does fur take so long to grow, anyway?

It sounds like Lucy is settling in quickly!

Karen Jo said...

I like your random things. I like lots of ice in my cold drinks, too. You and Lucy wanting to eat each other's food is pretty normal. For some reason, kittens want grownup food and grownup kitties like kitten food.

Tazo said...

Thank you for sharing those things about you guys. It's fun to learn stuff about our friends.

caricature said...

These are some great facts Ben - I missed you - the last few days were so hectic!

Lovely that Lucy is settling in nicely! Snow looks into my eyes too at times, though with a look of superiority :)

lots of love from Omer, Snow, Forest and the babies :)

Henry Helton said...

I no longer get stinky goodness. My Lady said I was being too picky. I was partial to the shredded Friskies varieties myself.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the eye contact thing -- I just love it! Mom and I do that a whole, whole lot -- we love to look in each other's eyes and sometimes Momma will put her forehead against mine and we'll just stay that way, forehead to forehead, then we'll look into each other's eyes and smile at each other. You and your mom sound like you have a wonderful loving bond!

Purrs and snuggles to you and Lucy from your loving sister,


muffinmidi said...

Glad to hear that Lucy's settling in.It'sgood of you,Benju, to share your mommy's bed with her.

Samantha & Tigger said...

We like your T13 random thoughts! It's nice to learn new things about our furiends. Lucy seems to be settling in well and she is a cutie!! Your FL furiends,

DaisyMae Maus said...

Good TT, Ben. Mom's lookin' forward to seeing you an' Lucy next month.

Anonymous said...

Great Thirteen now I know you all better :)

Lux said...

Numbers 8, 10, and 13 fit my mom, too! (Only she's not canceling the cell phone service until the contract's over in September - she knows she won't miss it.)

Number 2 is a very sweet thing!

Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

Hello beautiful children of mine! Daddy is thinking about you. Mommy and the kids have been at the pool SOOOOOO much that I'm feeling kind of neglected. School starts in two weeks two weeks from today though and that means lots of Mommy and Me time! I just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking about my two sweet children!

I love you,

Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

8~10~13 those my mommy can relate to!
Can you believe I went an met a DOG!!!??!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

this is fun! my mommy was doing really good with #8 then she watched Psych on USA and laughed and laughed so now she is hooked. Those guys really are silly.

Lucy sounds like she is a fuzz ball of energy. Now, if she takes up half the bed, and you take up half the bed, where does your mommy sleep????