Tuesday, September 4, 2007

something for me

guess what mom got for me today? c'mon, guess!

my very own email address! i'm so excited.

here's my address:


write to me!


Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

WOW your own addy...how cool! I want my own addy too! I can't figure those kinda thingies out....too old...need a nap:)
Love Peachy

Christine and FAZ said...

you very own email address - way cool. FAZ

Caesar and Princess said...

Lucky YOU!
That means you are a mancat for sure!

We have an awardie for you, come see

Daisy said...

Woohoo! You should be very proud!

Karen Jo said...

Yay! Now you can get your very own mail. How exciting!

Marilyn MonREOW said...

Oh, how exciting! I have my own addy, too, and I really love it! Mine's marilynmonreow (at) gmail (dot) com.

Enjoy, my precious fuzzy brother!

Purrs and snuggles from your loving sister,


Henry Helton said...

Awesome stuff. I have my own email address, too. I will add you to my address book.

The Meezers said...

oooooo that's 'aciting!! ours is
TheMeezers at gmail dot com

Marilyn MonREOW said...

Guess what, my sweet fuzzy brother! I have given you an award -- come see!

Lots of love,


The Feline Sextet said...

Cooooolies! We's got emeow too! ours is

DaisyMae Maus said...

That's neat ... Be sure NOT to get spammed. It isn't even close to as delicious as it sounds.

The Crew said...

Congratz on getting your own personal email, Ben! We 4 have to share ours.