Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mom's forgotten

Mom's forgotten just almost everything she knew about how to use the formatting language for this blog. I wonder how long her learning curve will be?

There have been major changes in our lives here at the Fuzz Factory. My little sister Lucy found a new home late last winter. Mom knew that Lucy needed more than either she or I could give her. We're not very energetic, and Lucy wanted to play. Actually, she needed to play.

We've developed a new activity here. It has a few casual titles, but probably needs something more official. One casual title is 'lean on Mom's face'. Another is 'press my chest fur against her nose and glasses so she has trouble doing anything but loving on me'. My favorite place for this activity is when she's semi-reclined on the couch. It works in bed, too.

Besides that, Mom has developed a new technique for grooming me. We avoided the dreaded 'lion cut' this year because she and Uncle Jerry groom me at least one time per day. The grooming is done in three stages. I love all of it. It starts with a small black plastic brush. I fill it with fur several times. Next is the Zoom Groom. That is the coolest thing ever! Finally--and who would ever have thought to do this?--Mom uses a lint brush on me. The last loose furs are picked up with a delicious gentle tugging. My furs are soft and shining when we're done. I'm not called 'handsome boy' for nothing.

That's about as far as we'll go for now. We'll see what happens tomorrow.