Saturday, September 19, 2009

The rainy season

Hey, it's almost autumn. Here in Seattle, that means the rainy season is almost here. 'Wait!' you say. 'Isn't it always rainy in Seattle?' Actually, it's not. It rains more in lots of other places: Chicago, Houston, NYC, and Miami all get more rain than we do. Out of 365 days, we have 140 days with measurable rain. Ok, it does put us in the top 20, but we're not first. We are in the top 5 for overcast days though. The ones that come before us are Anchorage, Forks (for those vampires, don't ya know), Astoria, and Olympia (WA's fair capitol city).

Mom says for many Western Washingtonians, the overcast days are vital. People relax and settle back into their slower paces when it's overcast. It's cooler, and many people breathe sighs of relief.

As a kitty, I'm breathing a sigh of relief as we get closer to those cooler days. They're calmer. More relaxing. Mom's more likely to make a lap for me.

Mom will talk some about Seasonal Affective Disorder soon.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Yes it is finally starting to look a little like a normal Seattle day with rain this morning. We are quite happy to snuggle up!

Daisy said...

During the summertime, there is a tropical downpour almost every afternoon in south Florida!

michico*Adan said...

It reminds me the new readable novel - twilight, the weather.

We weather here usually big sun, and big rain, no couldly day.

Princess said...

Hey it is good to hear from you. Ben, I am glad that Lucy found a good home to romp in. I hope your mom is doing well and getting really healthy.
Seasonal effective disorder is a troublesome problem. I hear it is rampant in Seattle. You should pack up your toys and move east.
Yes, can you believe I am still kicking?
Well, I am glad to hear the latest on your lives. I am just really glad you are back now and then.Mom has been really busy, so we don't blog much anymore, just too much sitting and mom says it makes her muscles hurt to sit so much at the computer.
Think bright sunny thoughts. Have you tried wellbutrin? It is a good medicine that just might brighten you up!

love always and purrrs X a million

DaisyMae Maus said...

Hi Ben ... It's hot here right now an' we could really use some of those cloudy/overcast days here where we'd gladly take some rain!

Stop by an' leave me a comment today. We're givin' away vouchers for a free 4-pound bag of Eukanuba to five lucky cats! You could win!


Parker said...

Overcast days are fine with us too!