Saturday, March 10, 2007

nap time

well, i'm writing from my bed as i am snuggled--yes snuggled!--with ben2. mama will join us soon, i'm sure. i have this little siren song purr that wafts toward her when it's time for us to nap together. i've been working on it for years and it's just about perfect.

did mama tell you about her very cool and wonderful boss? mama is currently doing the work of two supervisors while the agency is recruiting for the second supervisor. while mama says she's definitely too busy, she doesn't really mind what she's up to. so she asked her boss how the jobs will be divided. her boss said 'you get to choose'. can you believe it?! so mama's been thinking about all the things she does, the things she wants to do, and what everyone wants her to keep doing. (there'll be more on that later. i may let mama tell you's kind of complicated.)

of course, there's no telling when there will be an applicant pool for the other supervisor position. mama will probably have both jobs for the next 2 months at least.

enough about that...i want mama on the bed with us. there is a nap to be taken and she needs to come do it!


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Forty Paws said...

Hi Suzanne!

We took a nap with our Maw today too! It's been very stressful here this week, and we all needed a good ol' nap. Yup.

That's so cool that you're snuggling with Ben2!!!

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