Thursday, March 29, 2007

thursday morning

well good morning! it's starting to look like spring here. still raining a lot, but there's a bit of blue in the sky and the temps are rising. yay!

ben2 has been bold and sneaked out onto the deck when mom opens the sliders. mama doesn't really want him out there. she worries that he'll poke his head too far through the railing and fall out. he still likes to sneak out.

our sliders are kind of interesting. they're noise cancelling as we're DIRECTLY under the flight path for SeaTac airport. (jets approximately every 5 minutes, sometimes more often,) so there's an outer window, a screen, and an inner window. all together, they do an awesome job of blocking engine and brake noise. there's low rumble, but it's not disturbing.

at night, mama watches each plane's landing lights through the living room window and wonders if they can see in. they're not all that high in the air.

time for mama to get going. getting the leak in the car fixed today...and hoping that it won't cost too much. gotta keep us in our temptations!

(unfortunately, dad now has the camera and mama didn't get pictures. if mama finds a part-time job, she'll look into getting another camera.)



Dragonheart said...

Glad to hear spring is arriving for you! :) Yay! :)

Those noise cancelling sliders sound cool!

Forty Paws said...

Hi Suz,

Thank you for the compliment!!! You are very pretty too!! Us orinch poodins gotta stick togeffer!!! I'm outnumbered here.

Luf, Obi

Daisy said...

Hooray for spring time! We used to live in Virginia, near the Dulles airport and I wish we had those noise canceling sliders in our house then!

Karen Jo said...

The noise cancelling sliders sound very effective. I'm glad Spring is arriving for you.

DaisyMae Maus said...

"Part-time job"? What?
Happy Spring ... Wish we had at least some of the rain ... and we also wish your mom was coming down to Disneyland next week with Donna.

Lux said...

Spring, yes, it's coming! We never knew there was such a thing as noise canceling sliders. Sometimes, like on the 4th of July, we could use those.

I hope your mama can get a camera soon!

Parker said...

Hi Suz! Hi Ben2! Hi Toni! It's nice to meetcha'! I've been reading some of your posts. Suz and my sister Powder have a great deal in common. And Rudy will look a great deal like Ben2 when his becomes a Poodle-butt in the very near future! I'll remember to tell Mom about not petting his furs the wrong way! Take care of yourselves. Suz - you are such a little gal! I really thought Powder was small at 7 pounds, but 5!?! Wow - petite and sweet!