Friday, May 11, 2007

7 Random Things about me - by Suzanne

ben2 got tagged for the '7 random things about me' meme by our cousin daisymae. i got tagged for it by caesar and prinnie.

like daisy, i'd like to invite everycat who is interested to write their own '7 random things...'

1. whenever mama leaves for an overnight away from home, i worry that she won't come back.

2. i sit on the table next to mama and convince her that for every bite of chicken she gets, i get one too. i'm very persuasive (or at least good at guilting her into sharing).

3. i can ooze into or through very small through doors that are hardly open at all. maybe my name should be oozanne?

4. i am very clean, and give myself good baths. i also wash ben2, and have started washing mama's face. it used to be that i would give small affectionate licks. now i wash her face all over.

5. i love cheese...except fresh mozzarella! i don't know why i don't like it. mama says it's a real treat. hmmm.

6. i've traveled a lot, and i hate it. it's marginally better if mama will carry me inside of her sweater or sweatshirt instead of the ptu.

7. i get weighed on the digital kitchen scale once a month. i weigh 4 pounds 15 ounces.

many purrs to caesar's and prinnie's mom who has to go to the doctor today!


Tina T-P said...

"Oozanne" I like that - and only 4-5 # you are such a tiny little thing! Sinda weighs about 10# & Neelix - he weighed 17# the last time he went to the V-E-T!

Sinda worries that we won't come back too. In fact, sometimes she talks so much when we return that she makes herself hoarse! She always jumps into my suitcase when I'm trying to pack.

Hope you have a good weekend - I sent your Momma a Mother's day email for you - I was going to send a real in-the-mail card, but didn't get myself organized for it. Sorry, I wanted to surprise her for you, but I hope that she'll like the email card I sent.

XOX -hugs & scritches! Tina

Forty Paws said...

You are so teeny!!! No wonder you can ooze through little spaces.

Luf, Us

Eric and Flynn said...

Hahaha That's a good name-Oozanne, we like it. Yoo are a tiny girl. When we furrst came to our furrefurr home, we had a little ladycat called Kitty Yumbum living here. She wuz 6lbs. and we thought that wuz small!! We are Eric:20lbs (Iwuz 21lbs but I lost a pound)
Flynn: 14lbs (I wuz 13lbs but I pinched one of Eric's pounds)