Tuesday, May 22, 2007

8 favorite things

i was tagged by Marilyn Monroew for the 8 favorite things meme. i think i'm going to open it to answers from all of us here at our place.


Time of Day:
s=any time that i can convince mama to cuddle into bed with me

b=breakfast, snack, dinner, snack, tummy rub, scratch my ears, play with me. i like all those times!

m=the time right before falling asleep

Day of the Week:
s=saturday. mama sleeps in, and i sleep in with her.

b=any day. i like to get up. it's breakfast time!

m=sunday. quiet, peaceful. mine.

Season of the year:
s=winter. i can snuggle under the feather comforter all day long!

b=fall. my coat is almost grown back and i'm getting cozy.

m=spring and fall. i love sweater and sweatshirt weather. (ben doesn't know that he's getting another lion cut in late june or early july.)

s=new year's eve. if we're having company, it's a quiet evening. dinner is every purson's favorite meal...whatever that is.

b= advent and christmas. i love to play with the decorations and wrapping paper.

m=halloween has been one of my favorites. i was married to someone who didn't like the holiday, so i stopped decorating and enjoying it (not married to him anymore). and then my brother-in-law went to the human rainbow bridge this past halloween. those kinds of anniversaries have always had a big impact on me, so i'm curious to see if i can retain my enjoyment while remembering rich.

s=not my kind of trip, thanks.

b=nope, i've not been to the beach, but i think i'd like it! sand!

m=any beach in washington state. wild ocean, wind, salt air, shells, waves that chase you half-way up the sand!

s=hmmm. i don't really like music. my ears are too sensitive.

b=i like when mama sings 'you are my sunshine' when she takes me out in the ptu.

m=i like lots of kinds of music. lately, i've been listening to norwegian fiddle, and some toby keith.

s=anything i can eat.


m=stargazer lillies

Talk show:
s=i only watch tv if i'm cuddled on mama's lap, and she doesn't watch talk shows.

b=i'd watch geraldo if he was still on.

m=no thanks.

s=i could more likely tell you the ones i don't like! mol

b=any movie that has mom on the couch making a lap for me!

m=lots and lots and lots of movies. 'clue' for folding laundry. 'hunt for red october' for packing and unpacking. 'miracle on 34th street' for cookie baking on the day after thanksgiving. and adventures, romances, comedies, musicals, dramas, and thrillers!

s=no thanks.

b=i don't like flea soap.

m=i liked the old comedy called 'soap'. most of the time, though, i avoid them.

s=cold fresh water

b=half and half thanks

m=diet coke over as much ice as will fit in the cup/glass

s=hmmm. don't think so. not even the smoothies mama makes.

b=no thanks

m=raspberries, strawberries, cantaloupe, oranges, apples, tangerines, tangellos, clementines, watermelon.

s=dairy-flavored temptations

b=any flavor temptations

m=diet coke and something chocolate (peanut butter and chocolate is best!)

s=cheese, sour cream, ice cream, chicken...whatever mama's having.

b=sliced chicken stinky goodness. i don't like human food. never have, never will.

m=chicken, turkey, beef, mushrooms, onions, popcorn, chocolate, eggs, cheese, chocolate, gluten-free goodies, chocolate, diet coke, chocolate, teriyaki, mexican (corn tortillas please), chocolate

s=k's teriyaki, or any place where mama buys a roasted chicken

b=the kitty food aisle at fred meyer

m=taco bell, wendy's, azteca. restaurants are a little more difficult for a person with celiac disease.

and we'll tag:
1. jeter harris
2. perfectly parker
3. willow
4. oscar the puppy cat
5. mr. hendrix

that's enough for this time!


Parker said...

Roasted Chicken! Yum! That was an excellent list, we did ours already, so look for it tomorrow. Mommy helped me do it!

Zoey and the furballs (the Zoo Crew) said...

Wow that was very interesting. I don't like soaps either! Actually I don't like anything that's even remotely related to water.

DaisyMae Maus said...

Mom agrees that Hallowe'en has taken on a lot of emotional baggage since Uncle Rich's death. She wonders how it will be for Aunt Donna ... especially this first Hallowe'en w/o him.

Teriyaki sounds really good ... Mmmm ... And Temptations, too! Mom will be sending you some more coupons.


Rosie & Cheeto said...

oooo, we like roasted chickun too! And cold watur is supur gud...eggspeshullie when thares cubes to play with!

Thanks fur not only sharing yer memes but fur sharing yer whole families memes too!!!

caricature said...

Interesting choices. Both cats seem to have a rich taste :)

Dragonheart said...

I had fun reading about each of your favourites. :) Suzanne, it is very nice of you to let your mom sleep in on Saturday! Sorry to hear that your mom lost her brother last Hallowe'en. :( My mom likes spring and fall best too.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

What a great list. mmmmm chicken. I like the time of day. Snuggling is the best. I'll be posting my list today. Thanks for tagging me!

Forty Paws said...

Lots of inchresting answers. We don't let Maw sleep in any day of the week. Nope.

Suz, don't worry bowt Obi losing his gorgeous ginger furs. It's usually the white parts that come out of his tummy during rassling!

Luf, Us

The Meezers said...

that was a excellent list. mommy usded to sing you are my sunshine to gramma trixie - that was "their song" and mommy's all time favorite holiday is halloween too.

Tara said...

Lots of interesting facts about all of you! I like berries in yogurt myself!


jcfloresinc said...

Greta List. We love finding out what other cats and their mom's and other relatives are like. Yes, I will add you, but I don't know how to set a blogroll up. The ones we have are imported from other's. Do you know how to start on. My mom has just been manually putting them in under Samantha & Tigger's friends. Would that be the same thing? Let me know.
Be blessed,
Samantha and Tigger

Daisy said...

I liked your lists! Suzanne, I agree with you, snuggle-time is the best time of any day!

Caesar and Princess said...

I loved this. I like how your mom answered as well... funny humans, they like froot, ick.

We are going to do this when caesar comes home from the vet


Emma's Kat said...

Very interesting indeed! Great list!

Btw, if you didn't already see, you are cat of the day !

Kim and Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

Hi Suzanne and company! Congrats on being the Cat of the Day! I meant to stop by to say hello yesterday and earlier today. It's been one wacky week!

Thanks for tagging me! I love these kinds of things! I loved all of your lists! You know, I was thinking, if I had a daughter, she would most likely look just like you! Would you want to be me baby girl? Oh I know that you're a year older than me but who cares, your petite and I want to be a Dad (physically impossible).
Have a great day!

Kim and Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

Oops, I was thinking that you were only 10. I guess you're 7 years older than me. I don't care, you can still be my little girl! :)

Willow said...

You have a really terrific list. I must say that I also am very fond of roasted chicken! Thanks for tagging me and I'll try to get my list up this afternoon.

Purrrrs to you...

Chairman Mao said...

What great answers! I loved readin' 'em and learning more about all of you.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Marilyn MonREOW said...

Mmmm, roasted chicken is very good! It was fun reading all your answers. And ohhhhh, snuggling... you just can't beat snuggling.