Friday, May 4, 2007

Friday Feast

Name something you would not want to own.
a tarantula. even writing that word is kind of icky.
Describe your hair (texture, color, length, etc.).
very thick and somewhat coarse. medium length, medium brown with LOTS of silver, bangs. i need a trim!
Finish this sentence: I’ll never forget ___________.
the day Suzanne fell behind the hot water heater. she fell face first into the tiny triangle made by putting something round into a corner. we had to drain the heater, use a dolly to move it out of the way, and hold the ankles of a skinny 15 year old boy who went head-first behind the heater to scoop her out. i think that used one of my lives.
Main Course
Which famous person would you like to be for one day? Why?
julie andrews, pre-vocal surgery. i would love to know what it felt like to have a singing range that spanned so many octaves!
Write one sentence about yourself that includes one thing that is true and another thing that is not.
i like to laugh, and i really like coconut.

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DaisyMae Maus said...

Mom is so envious of your mom's silver ... Hers is coming in furry skunk-like and she's gonna color it until it starts behaving itself.