Friday, June 15, 2007

another change

well, now that mom's home, and i've got her attention, we're going to make another change. well actually, two changes. the first change is that i am officially dropping the 2 from my name. i'm no longer benjamin2 or ben2. it's ok if you still call me that, but i am going to sign my posts and comments as ben.

the second change is the name of the blog. it's now 'the fuzz factor'. you've seen me. i'm a fuzzy guy. (yes, i've heard the murmurings of another lion-cut...but i'll still be fuzzy! heh)

and third...oh wait, this isn't so much a change as something to be glad about: mom's staying home this weekend. we're going to hang out, snuggle, cuddle, and nap.

and this one isn't a change, just a complaint!
mom told aunt donna that she was thinking about spoiling me. even 150 miles away, my ears pricked up (mmm, catnip, treats, tummy rubs). then--can you believe this?--aunt donna said 'maybe you should spoil yourself a bit'. waaah!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Ben! I'm so glad your mom is home. I hope you two get lots and lots of snuggletime together! And I just love "The Fuzz Factor." You are definitely a fuzzy guy!

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

Ben you have been a real good brother getting the house back in order for mommy. Now all she has to do is unpack and spoil you all weekend...that is a furrry good thing!
So you are going to get a fur cut? That will make you feel better over the summer. My before kitty Miss Minka always got one in the summer. They loved to strut herself allover the house after she got over her initial shock:))
I look forward to your new look and the fuzzy side of your bloggy...
Love Peachy

Gattina said...

Nice new name for your blog congratulations and now you are not Ben 2 anymore. I did the same with Arthur, we had an Arthur before him who died of a heart attack and was only one year old ! So Arthur became n°2, but that's long ago.
I have new pictures of kitten Rosie, there is still some troubles with the others, they have to get used.

DaisyMae Maus said...

Ben ...
Definitely soak up as much spoilin' as you can! You deserve some snuggles, cuddles ... and especially TREATS! Hmmm ... and maybe some primo 'nip, too!


Karen Jo said...

I'm glad your Mom is home. You know, your Mom can spoil both herself and you at the same time just by relaxing and giving you lots of attention. I like the new name of the blog.

Parker said...

Hi Ben - I'll drop the 2 too! Hee! My brother is veeeery close to his poodle-butt cut, Mommy is gonna's try to groom him again and if she can't, he's going in for the shave.
I like the name of your blog, it fits you!

Caesar and Princess said...

we are thrilled that your mommie is home this week-end. This is an excellent idea to just relax and play together.
We are proud of you for being a fuzzy and supportive mancat for your mommie.
We love your mane! very impressive.

purrs + headbutts~Caesar

Daisy said...

Ben, you are mighty and fuzzy, too!

The Meowers from Missouri said...

hi, ben! glad your mom's home. how nice that you will have plenty of snuggle time this week--you both need it, an' it's the best way to spoil each other!!

best fishes,

the meowers