Saturday, December 30, 2006

the day before the day before the new year

i had a little tummy blurp today. it took both mama and dad to help me get cleaned up. i'm glad that they're willing to would have taken so very long to do it all by myself. of course, i told them that i could do it alone--i am a teenager after all!

mama put a sign up in her office that says '2007 will be' and is encouraging all the people who visit to write what they want 2007 to be. i want it to be full of cuddle time with tummy rubs, kisses and purrs. i also want lots of treats and as much stinky goodness as my little tummy can hold. mama says i need to gain weight, so she gives me as much as i want (i weigh less than 5 pounds now).

we've had company this evening and i've been out to say 'hello'. nice people who aren't too loud and don't try to scoop me up. i don't have to be under the bed.

tomorrow night, the calendars get changed and it starts all over again! here's to an excellent 2007!

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DaisyMae Maus said...

Good attitude, Suzanne ... I believe that 2007 will be furry good for you. Your momma needs to buy you some food called Royal Canin Baby Cat to help you to gain some weight. Fudge Ripple is a geezer cat Feline American and he's an eater of Baby Cat formula food. We all like it, but it's for him.
Happy New Year!

PS: Today is my 13th "gotcha"-versary. Stop by for cake!