Sunday, December 24, 2006

twas the day before christmas

and mama is in a bustle. uncle jerry came over to help tidy and clean. dad did his christmas shopping this morning. everything is wrapped. while the tree is so small there's no room under it for presents, we've got them spread in front of the entertainment center. it looks festive!

mama says 'one last trip to the grocery store' and then she's home for good. we have friends coming over this evening for presents, cookies and hot chocolate. even mini marshmallows! mmm. not that i'd eat them, of course, but they'll have them. candles, lights, music. it'll be fun.

mama made two scarves and says that they're awfully pretty but they take a cursed long time to knit! she absolutely LOVES the one that her sister--daisy mae maus's grandma--made for her. she wears it all the time.

i know that the humans are looking forward to tomorrow. for my part, i'll be under the bed.

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THE ZOO said...

hi we just founded you from the bad cats blog.