Saturday, December 16, 2006


the power came back on 45 minutes ago. it's been cold and dark here. i'm glad for our fireplace. we were able to go to seattle to find wood...and found plenty to keep ourselves warm!

jerry came to stay last night as he's been without power since thursday night, too. a tree fell across his driveway and has trapped his car so that he's on foot or at home. without a fireplace, he was up to 5 layers and a blanket when i picked him up last night! brrrr.

on friday, i took a nap with suzanne. she cuddled under the covers with me, slid down the pillow so that her back was against my chest, and then she nestled her cheek on mine. in all of our 15-1/2 years together, she has never done that. i was moved. we cuddled and purred together for a few hours.

as the power came back on, we emptied the refrigerator and freezer into the big dumpster in the parking lot. the possibility of food poisoning from any of the bacteria is not worth attempting to recover what has been sitting for nearly 48 hours without electricity.

jerry's going to stay again tonight. no need for him to be cold when we're toasty here. gar's off to do a sleep study to figure out the extent of his sleep apnea. tomorrow is a present-wrapping day.

cell phone service was sketchy while the power was out. cell towers were out too. i gathered messages like crazy--my supervisees calling to find out agency plans--and had to leave home to find a place with a powered cell tower to hear them. kinda funny. i finally put a message on my cell that said i didn't have power at home, wasn't getting messages, would check after 6 pm, and if there was an emergency related to work, to call my boss.

the agency president had a party at his house last night. it had been planned for about 8 weeks. luckily he and his wife didn't have an outtage. i was one of 4 people who brought a cell phone for charging!

they--the pres and wife--have cats. there's a sign in their living room that says 'kids are for those who don't have cats!' i think we may have to get one similar.

time to go put on a sweater. my little room with my computer is cold. when my shoulder blades get cold, my back gets stiff.

stay warm and cuddle close with those you love!

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DaisyMae Maus said...

How scary! We had a little rain overnight and this morning, but nothing like what you've had (been having). The clouds here are enormous over the mountains, but directly above is nothing but cerulean skies.
Stay safe and give each other lots of hugs.
DaisyMae Maus