Thursday, December 21, 2006

mama's got car trouble

well mama just got home from getting her hairs cut and then spending the evening with her hairstylist (also a close friend). she spent almost 15 minutes making trips from the car to the house carrying in groceries and supplies. the kitchen is appealing with all those bags on the floor (all refrigerated stuff put away).

she tells me that while she was out, her car--which has been providing several-times daily 'light shows' (warning lights that seem related to an expiring internal computer)--started acting funny. it sounded and felt like the abs was working over time. a little scary. mama's leaving a note for dad to take the truck in the morning and mom will work for home. probably won't make staff happy, but rather be home than in an accident!

so now to figure out what to do about the car? it's not currently in the budget to get it fixed. there's not enough money to buy a new car. it's 22.5 miles one way to work for mama. dad has over 35 miles one way. the bus doesn't work all that well for either one of them. i think mama needs to win the lottery!


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DaisyMae Maus said...

Okay. Here are some karmic "lottery winning" thoughts for yer mama ... Go buy a ticket. Be sure to have the number 11 and the number 27 (Sunny's fav number and Mom's fav number) in the mix. Then ... win!
DaisyMae Maus