Sunday, December 17, 2006


good morning. gar's home from his sleep study. jerry's doing laundry. they're watching tv. i just woke up from a nap after having only gotten a few hours of sleep over night.

just saw that my niececat's blog is getting up there in hits ( that's pretty cool. she's a pretty cool cat, too. she just won the award for housecat of the quarter! it wasn't hard for us to cast our votes for her.

i'm eating super crunchy pretzels this morning. they're not quite as good as the sesame pretzel rings that i usually have, but since the pickings were slim last night, i took what was available. it's nice to find stuff that tastes ok.

the smoke hangs heavy over our area. power comes back on...leaving small groupings of houses dark. to stay warm, those with fireplaces burn what they've found. according to the newspaper (that had its first day of not printing an edition for the entire region in 53 years), we now have issues with high carbon monoxide levels.

this has been a season of weather. first our snow and ice, and now the wind and rain. coupled with the increasing heat and length of summer, one does wonder about global warming and its effects on us.

we'll store the wood we bought, and buy several jugs of water. the store where i buy gluten-free foods--ener-g foods--sells many items that are shelf-stable for nearly a year (when left unopened). i'll buy some of those. make sure i have canned and dry kitty food, litter, water for them.

survival skills...


DaisyMae Maus said...

Wow. There was a photograph in OUR newspaper here in San Diego of the devastation in Renton with all of the fallen trees. We had no idea that it was so bad. Stay warm and safe ...
DaisyMae Maus

tonis_got_webbed_feet said...

800,000 people have been without power! It seems that the power companies have been somewhat slow to get folks back on line. I'm sure they're working hard, but I know lots of people who are still cold.

rob said...

Great Blogging you guys! Glad you all made it through the storm safely. We went to Montesano on Saturday and could not believe how bad it was in some areas. That was one to remember.