Wednesday, December 20, 2006

heck with under the bed! i'm curled up and cozy IN it!

good morning! mama says that you should know that i've fallen asleep ON the bed, not under it.

actually, i do that almost every day. dad gets up and i curl up in his warm spot. i do that so i can be there when mama wakes up. that way we can have some snuggle time before she gets up. i'm good that way. i like the morning snuggles!

we've been busy here. mama had set up the christmas tree but hadn't decorated it. it got decorated last night. tiny bells, balls and stars (it's only three feet tall). there's even a kitty angel on top!

mama has a 'secret snowflake reveal' party at work today. it's kind of like 'secret santa', but just not the name. anyway, she baked cookies for a holiday cookie buffet...ones that anyone with celiac can eat! peanut butter with peanut butter chips. if i liked peanut butter, i'd probably like these too. now if they were sour cream, cheese or chicken cookies, i'd be right there!

dad woke mama really early this morning to ask if she was ok with trading cars like they had talked about yesterday. dad's in a training class in everett and mama works in burien. dad's truck gets worse gas mileage, so mama'll drive it as she doesn't have QUITE as far to go. either way, gas prices went up during/after the power outtages, and it's going to be expensive for both of them to go to work. neither one listened when i suggested a way to save money: stay home!

uncle jerry spent last night with us again. the tree is still across his driveway, and he still has no power. he doesn't know when those things will get taken care of. his landlord doesn't seem so interested in getting this fixed. tonight, though, the landlord is going to let uncle jerry stay in his father-in-law's house. the f-i-l is out of town.

uncle jerry's a little loud...i sometimes felt like i wanted to hunker down under the bed--in the exact middle of course. mostly though, mama loves having him here. because she likes it so much, it's ok with me. and mama did share some of her chicken with me last that's ok.

benjamin--the giant, especially compared to me--has swiped my spot between mama's wrists as she types. mama says that his front claws are a little too sharp for comfort, but she doesn't boot him down. one day soon, i know she'll hold him tight and get out the claw clippers. you should hear him complain about that! oh the indignity. (tehe) I don't mine having mine trimmed...especially because mama lets me knead as much as I want after clipping.

ben's indignity will get even better soon! he's going to get a lion cut. he has thick fur...two layers worth! mama brushes him but hasn't been able to get the matts out of his undercoat. so off it comes. the whole double-coat thing is weird to's not THAT cold here! the top is silky and the bottom is cottony.

i'm going to try to convince to spare me 15 minutes of cuddle time before she packs up the cookies and heads out in the big ol' truck.

have a good day, efurryone!

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DaisyMae Maus said...

Let me know how the whole "lion cut" thing works out with Ben ... I'm sure that Fudgie and Sparky Fuzzypants would be far more comfortable with short fur once the holidays are over.

Suzanne ... Your tree sounds pretty with the bells and kitty angel ... Our tree isn't little; it's GINORMOUS! We can hide under it.

It's good that you're not hiding under the bed ... It's too cold there. It's much better in your dad's warm spot snuggled with your mom. I agree that they should just stay home.

Stay warm and eat lots of chicken! You should make sour cream, cheese, and chicken cookies. I bet that they'd be delicious!
DaisyMae Maus