Monday, April 23, 2007


at lunch time, i was with mama in the living room. she was channel surfing. i was looking out the window.

a tiny bird landed on the deck. i made my 'let me out' noise: ack, ack, ack, ack, followed by sincere meow. i was ready to pounce!

before i could convince mama that it would be good exercise for me (besides lots of fun!), the little bird flew away.

i know i could have caught it! and then mama wouldn't have to share her cheese with me.


Caesar and Princess said...

I am sorry the feather birdie flew away :-(
Happy Monday

Parker said...

I make that aak aak aak sound too!

Monica said...

Oh, that bird was just taunting you. How rude! I think it would be exciting to get to catch a bird, too.

Dragonheart said...

Birds are so much fun to watch! I make a chirping sound when I see one. Sorry that it flew away.

Karen Jo said...

I'm sorry your bird flew away before Mama could get the door open for you. Birds are hard to catch, though.