Friday, January 12, 2007

400 hits!

wow...we're getting there! it's so nice to have new friends. please leave a comment so i can add you to my 'best friends' blog roll.

mama got a golden rod bubblepack envelope in the mail. daisymae maus's mom picked out some purrtiful yarn and her mom (my aunt lynne) knit mama a scarf. it's pinks with white eyelashes. it's a nice move toward spring! thank you dmm's mom. (mama says 'thank you jessica!)

i've been taking advantage of having mama at home...and we've been napping a bit. last night she built a fire and i sat on her lap warming up in front of it. toasty. between that and the feather comforter that's back on the bed (see posting 'fev-vers'), we're cozy. we haven't had any company in awhile, so i've not been spending much time under the bed. wonder what's under there now? what's under your bed?


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DaisyMae Maus said...

I'm number 408! It's neat that you've got so many friends. Remember to jump out there into the blogosphere followin' links from place to place scatterin' comments as you go!