Thursday, January 11, 2007

snow day!

we got several (?) inches last night. mama's drive home took 2.5 hours. it's only 22.5 miles, so the average mph was 6.67. wow! i could have kept up with her. she was glad to be home.

the snow's not melting fast, so it's possible that there will be another snow day tomorrow! and if there is, the weekend is extra-long as the office is closed on monday in honor of mlk jr day. a five day weekend without any sick or vacation time! that's pretty cool.

dad's new supervisor told him that the only way the office is closed is if they're without power. the only acceptable reason for an employee to be out is if the employee is 'deathly ill'. so they won't make 'seattle's top employer'!

mama's going to make herself some lunch, share with me, watch some tube, and then probably take another nap. snow days are good for that. sweats and wool socks.

hope you're staying warm and dry!


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