Monday, January 22, 2007

new 'puter

good morning...
mama's new computer finally showed up! she bought in in september. dad couldn't make it work. the guy who sold it to them--who said '90 day warranty'--decided to not honor anything. dad's friend finally figured it out, and about $150 later, mama has a newer much faster machine!

i haven't really noticed the difference yet, although mama does seem to spend lots of time there. lol i guess we'll see over time. so far, mama seems happy.

one of the best parts, she says, is that she can transfer the music she's interested in from dad's computer to her own so she can take it with her. even though they'll be good friends, mama would like to have her own music and not depend on dad. (that sounds kind of sad...and it actually is. i'm playing scarlett--o'hara, not johansson--and will think about that tomorrow.)

there will be ben the second's pictures before his lion cut tomorrow. we'd planned to take them this weekend. dad slept most of the weekend (dealing with giardia is no fun! 3rd course of antibiotics...and this one for 30 days!), so didn't give mama the help with dealing with camera connectivity.

mama promises, though, to get the camera thing figured out so that you can see both of us...especially ben pre- and post-lion cut!

the first six boxes are still empty...sprawled in a pile in the hallway where dad knocked them over this morning because he was late for work! mama knows that i don't like it when she starts putting things in boxes. it brings back memories of those many many many moves we've had! i think i have post traumatic stress disorder. (could explain why i spend so much time under the bed!)

still, those boxes will have to get packed sooner or later. maybe she'll start in february. then there won't be too much time between the packing and the unpacking. mama does say that she wants to sort and pitch again before she gets started.

sort and pitch! she's done that so many times since she moved to western washington in 2003! she and uncle jerry made AT LEAST 30 trips to goodwill, and to the perpetual garage sale run by 'people for abandoned pets'. probably enough stuff to fully stock those places at least one time! lol

this time around, the sort and pitch will include older toiletries, unused craft supplies, and stuff to be shredded.

i'm going back to bed and i want mama to come with me...


auntie suzanne


Daisy said...

I'm glad yer Mommie's new computer got working! My Mommie is still trying to get used to her new laptop computer. Can't wait to see yer photos!

Dragonheart said...

The new computer sounds great! Glad to hear your mom finally got it working.

That giardia doesn't sound very nice. I hope your dad feels better soon!

Looking forward to seeing the pictures!

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Meowmy just got a new computer too. Well, new to her. The Chip Man gave it to her when she asked him about it because he NEVER uses it since he has like 3 extras. He's a "collector".

I can't wait to see pictures!


DaisyMae Maus said...

Oh, "Fiddle-dee-dee," Miss Scarlett! You must get those photos up sometime soon, 'cuz we wanna see you and Ben-Two.

Congrats to your mama for finally gettin' her new 'puter up and running. It's nice to have a place for music and pictures (and work stuff, too).