Tuesday, January 9, 2007


the stroke of midnight...and we're still awake. almost time for bed.

the weather reports talk about more snow. mama says that this is one of the (very few) times she wishes she wasn't a supervisor. if it does snow, she's got to be up early calling folk to not go to work, and then calling clients to not come in. lots of phone calls.

you know me...i just want her to be in bed with me where it's warm and cozy. with the feather comforter back on, it's warmer and cozier every night. i LIKE it.

'bout an hour ago, we had a hail storm. kinda noisy. already melting, though.

i want mama to find the camera so we can put some pictures on this page. wonder where it is?



DaisyMae Maus said...

Yeah ... Some pictures would be very nice. Good luck with the hail and snow.

Lux said...

That camera's probably where your mama will least think to look for it, if missing things around here are any indication.

Sleep tight!