Tuesday, January 16, 2007

dinner out

mama just got back from a dinner hosted by the board of directors at the agency where she works. the restaurant was beautiful--right on the water--and the service was superb.

mama told me that she saw a woman she knew...but she couldn't remember how. it turned out that mama and this woman had lived in the same dorm on the same floor during their freshman year at college. (that was a really really really long time ago). no contact since then. the woman traded places with her husband at the table and she and mama spent the evening talking about what college had been like--not much fun.

here's a bit of mama's story. she was a forever student and it's hard to explain why...mostly she kept trying to find herself and what she wanted to do. lots of jobs and lots of degrees.

it's only in the last 6 months that mama has had a job that she really likes. she feels like she's learning every day, that she has something to contribute, and that the work is worthwhile.

now that she's going to be getting her own place again, she's thinking that maybe a lot of things will come together...and life will be a little less hard, and maybe a lot more fun!

here's to more fun!


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

yes, let's drink a tuna juice toast to More Fun!

Tara said...

Sounds like major life changes for all of you...Mom can understand..but I'm too young...Tara