Wednesday, January 17, 2007

it's raining

the roads are clear and the snow's almost gone! the parking lot looks like a mess, but the roads are good! mama gets to go to work. has to start early today because of a big 1x per month meeting (ugh), but it'll be good to get to the office anyway.

mama's been having weird hard dreams lately. kind of disturbing. i sleep on top of her when she's restless and try to keep her calm. it didn't work last night. this is the second night of those dreams. maybe if she could get to bed a little earlier... in any case, i'm extra tired and will be glad to cuddle up in bed and doze the day away. warm and cozy for me, thanks!

ben the second has been trying to take my place on mama's lap while she's at the computer. he's not always completely aware of what's going on, but he seems to sense something, and he's looking for reassurance. so mama holds him, pets him, talks to him. he's almost shameless in his desire for her attention. he lifts his head for her to rub under his chin, and presents a cheek for scritches behind the whisters. she's a bit of a sucker for him when he does those things. the saddest part is that he won't listen to me when i tell him to get ready for big changes. there are going to be TWO big changes for him: one is that he's going to get his lion cut soon (big fuzzy full of mats). the other is the move to the new place. hopefully, he'll start listening to me about to handle moving. i've got LOTS of experience.

mama's got to get ready, so i'm going to hop down and let her do just that. have a good day, efurryone!


Daisy said...

Oh, I am glad the snow has cleared up. Will you post a picture of Ben in his lion cut? It sounds FUNNY!

ps: yay! I saw you got your condo!

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

I don't like when the Lap Lady has bad dreams, she gets all hot and icky and stuff. I'm good though, I just ignore her and keep on snuggling.


Munchkin, Missy and Monte said...

Could your mommie be worrying about moving also? Sounds like the dreams my be a result of it.

DaisyMae Maus said...

Look at me! I'm visitor #600!

Suzanne (and Ben), it sounds to me like your mama is feeling restless due to unfinished business that's temporarily got her stimied. When March 1st rolls around, your mama will have all of her business completed and will be ready to move on.

Just give her patience ... and a warm kitty or two to cuddle ... She'll be fine.


Tara said...

I think your mom has a lot on her mind. I try to stick close to my mom when she needs me....Tara