Tuesday, January 16, 2007

MORE snow

it's pure craziness is what it is. the folks here in puget sound have NO IDEA how to drive in the snow. now my mama, she spent a few years in iowa, a year in norway. she knows how to do this.

so we have an accumulation of approximately 1-1/2 inches, and the agency might be closed again today! like i mentioned last night, mama wants to get in to work today. maybe she'll go anyway. take it slow. look forward to a month from now when work will be 3 miles instead of 22.

last week, mama shared her over-the-door hooks with the interns so they'd have a place to put their coats. she needs to shim the over-the-door part because it rattles right into her office (the noise is a little startling...it sounds like someone knocking or scratching). she bought a new 'screw-into-the-wall' hook set for herself yesterday and she's eager to put it up.

before any decisions to be made today, though...BREAKFAST! stinky goodness!


Mia and Ghost said...

If there were 1 & 1/2 inches of snow here - everything would be shut down. Southerners (Mom is including herself in that) don't deal with snow. Your Mom has door??? Our Mom lives in cubicle farm.

Suzanne & her mama said...

my mama has a really big office with two doors, and windows that open!

even though the money is less than she's made in awhile, mama LOVES her job. she supervises a group of nine psychotherapists (including 3 interns), coordinates the mental health contract with our provider, and does other kinds of administrative supervision. she's having a ball!