Sunday, January 7, 2007


mama put her fev-ver comforter back on the bed tonight. and then she didn't stay in bed with me! it's so cozy in there.

while she couldn't sleep, she's been surfing the net looking for an electric fireplace. some pretty ones out there. although she likes the sound of crackling logs, i won't miss them. they scare me and make me want to hide--guess where--under the bed!

i've staked my claim on dairy-flavored temptations. sooo yummy. i eat them from mama's hand, crunching through each one to get at the soft tasty goodness inside.

the weather guy says we may have snow this next week. i don' t want snow unless mama gets to stay home. if she could stay with me, then as much weather as wants to hit is free to come on in!

there are lots of changes coming here...and i'm going to get some rest so i'll be ready for whatever sunday lays out for us!



Lux said...

Your mom sounds like mine - she can't sleep sometimes!

I hope you don't get snow - now that my feet have touched it!

DaisyMae Maus said...

Suzanne ... I'm sure that things will be just fine. Things will seem very messy for awhile, but your mom wouldn't do anything that would allow you to be hurt. Enjoy that fev-ver comforter. Mom says that it's too hot here for something like that although it sounds quite cozy. I'll be a basketcase tomorrow because Mom is going back to work after being home with me for three weeks. It takes a bit to get accustomed to her not being home as much. I do have weekends and holidays this quarter. And the next break will only be ten weeks away ... Not the eternity that it seems.
Happy New Week ...