Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition #1

Thirteen Things about Suzanne
Thirteen places I've lived:
1. Olympia, Washington. Mama and I found each other there. (read my baby story for more info).

2. Rochester, Washington. Mama and I (and all of my brothers and sisters) lived with Grandpa for awhile.

3. Dubuque, Iowa. Mama went to school in Dubuque. Benjamin the first and I went together. Ben really didn't like it there. It was too hot and humid in the summer. It didn't bother me so much. In the winter time, Benjamin would share his tummy fur with me so I wouldn't get cold. We snuggle together and stay toasty!

4. Kennewick, Washington. Mama and Benjamin the first and I moved there in the summer of 2006. We lived with Aunt Donna and Uncle Rich, and our human cousins, Sam and Sunny. Uncle Rich called me a phantom cat because he didn't ever see me.

5. Saco, Maine. Mama took a job at a summer conference center in Maine. We drove from Kennewick to Maine, and spent the summer living in a TINY cottage on the beach. I STILL found places to hide.

6. Kennewick, Washington again. Mama took us back to Kennewick to Aunt Donna's house. In October, we moved to our own place, which is #7 on the list.

7. Kennewick, Washington. Mama finished graduate school while living in two separate apartments in Kennewick. We'll count these as one, cuz there are plenty of places still come.

8. Pendleton, Oregon. Mama got her first job out of graduate school at a community residential program for kids with psychiatric problems. We had lots of weather in Pendleton. This is the place where I fell down behind the hot water heater on the day we moved in. Talk about stress for everyone!

9. Kennewick, Washington. We came back to Kennewick after a year in Pendleton. Mama found us a very cool apartment...(cool is important for Kennewick summers). After a year of living there, Mama got us a was hard living in the same building where some of her clients lived.

10. Kennewick, Washington. We'll claim the house as number #10, because we're getting close to the end. The house was fun. It was the biggest place we lived. There were lots of fun places to play and hide.

11. Bellevue, Washington. Mama got her social worker license and we moved to wettern Washington for her new job. The first place was soooo hot. The complex manager let us move to a downstairs unit so we wouldn't fry.

12. Bellevue, Washington. Mama met Dad. They found a condo together and we all moved in together. The place is much too small, but it's been home for nearly 2.5 years.

13. Seattle, Washington. Mama, Benjamin the second, and I are moving to Seattle next month. Mama says that Dad will always be Dad, but they're not going to live together any more. She says he'll still come visit and will still give us treats. That's good. I'll miss him, but I want my Mama to be happy. She tells me that we're going to like our new place: it's bigger than this place, and the windows are all new and it will be quiet and warm.


jeterharris said...

dat wuz a grate edishun #1. i miself hav onlee lived in a parkin lot an in dis howse.

Daisy said...

Hi Suzanne. I am very happy to meet you. That is a good list - you have lived in lots of different places. I have added you to my links so I can visit with you all the time!

DaisyMae Maus said...

Hey Suzanne! Welcome to the Thursday Thirteen-ers! I like the list. Mom has all of your mama's old addresses crossed out in her address book (your mama even takes up three different letters: M, N, and T).

Let's hope that you have another snow day on Friday so that you can have a relaxing LONG weekend!

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

WOW!!! Yoo've bin EVRYWARE!

Dragonheart said...

Welcome to Thursday Thirteen! You sure have lived a lot of different places!